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Welcome to the photography of R J Wiley.
My home base is Southwest Florida where I've lived most of my life. My work can be seen in several magazines and art galleries as well as the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. While specializing in landscapes and wildlife photography, I also shoot personal portraits and teach private classes in Photoshop. The images you see in my galleries probably only represent one out of every thousand I take. I teach my students that my computer has a delete button and not a create button, so keep shooting until you get a good shot. Photography has come along way in the last few years and with the addition of software and the newer cameras we are able to produce better images than ever. Some photographers say "I don't edit my pictures at all, they're right out of the box" This is not really true because unless their shooting in the RAW mode their camera software is editing their photos. Ansel Adams was one of Americas finest photographers and its well documented that he considered his dark room editing work as important as his work in the field. Nearly all the pros shot in the RAW mode to maximize their editing power, however most pros don't like to admit they edit their work. I guess they spent $700.00 for Photoshop software to just crop the pictures and brighten them a little. The RAW image bypasses the cameras computer and puts the data right on the memory card. Because the camera isn't editing the photo, all images must be edited by the photographer to create the best possible image. While most people love the software when it comes to removing wrinkles, and whitening teeth or opening uncle Johns blinking eyes in the family portrait, they are concerned about misrepresenting a real event. When I do a personal portrait I will sit down with the client and we will work on the photo together and do what ever the clients wants done to get a really nice piece. My wildlife photos are mostly left alone, especially those used in competition or where editing is not approved. If the image is going to hang on a living room wall I will size it and edit it to bring out the very best image I can. If there's a branch blocking part of the image, or a beer can floating next to the leg of a bird, it's going to be removed. In the gallery "Samples of my work and Florida gallery" you will see some of this. In these galleries I'm am trying to create art work and not just a photograph. The Stock Photography galleries for the most part are just simple corrections like levels and sharpness and cropping. Images with the (DM) or a ( c ) behind it simple means that the image is a composite or that some digital magic has been done to the image. If you have any questions about what has been done to an image please don't hesitate to contact me. In my art work pieces I will spend weeks and sometimes months on one piece. I will drive hundreds of miles to do a scene capture or time lapse photo to build a montage of many layers and recreate the scene that I envisioned before I left home. I love creating art work and the camera and good software are a very powerful team.
If you have any questions, please call me at 239-992-6367. Thanks so much. Enjoy your visit…

R J Wiley
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